Ginetta G60

Ginetta G60

Ginetta G60

Ginetta were keen to ensure the G60 fitted Hubert’s needs perfectly, and he travelled to their Leeds-based factory several times whilst the car was in build to ensure everything was just-so before the handover took place.

In a car that is purely focused on driving experience, Ginetta has stripped any extra weight in the G60, making a fearsome road car which is as close to it’s race-going Ginetta siblings as possible. Hubert said; “I am very happy to receive the car today, it sounds great, has great performance and I love the ‘race car’ feel of no assisted brakes. Whilst the car was in production I flew over about three times and tested the car to give my input on how things were developing.

“It is very important for me to use a car company which talks to the customer and listens to the things which they want and don’t want. I would take the car out for a while and come back with my feedback which ultimately resulted in a car designed specifically designed around what I wanted.”

Head of sales and Ginetta test driver Mike Simpson added; “Today has been a major milestone for Ginetta Cars as this is the first G60 road car handed over to a customer. The G60 model has been in development for over two and a half years, and it is a very proud moment not just for me but for the whole company to see the first car complete. The G60 looks absolutely stunning and we are very confident the car will have a fantastic future.”

Talking about the weekend-long drive home ahead of him, Hubert relished in the thought of travelling across Europe in his new machine, whilst sharing the drive with his 21 year old son, Bastian; “We are both looking forward to getting to Germany and seeing what this car can do on our home soil. We aim to drive it about 2,000 kilometres before we push it really hard, but once we are home, we will take it to a racetrack and really unleash the power. It will very much be a ‘special’ car and not one we use every day.”

As one of only three Ginetta G60’s on the road – the two other models reside at Ginetta HQ – Hubert joins the ranks of what is undoubtedly one of the most exclusive supercar clubs in the world.


  1. “Hubert joins the ranks of what is undoubtedly one of the most exclusive supercar clubs in the world.”

    that´s right, but unfortunately now I own one of the most unreliable cars in the world, too. And as well one of the cars with worsest aftersale service ever.



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