Toyota for 2014 Goodwood Festival

Toyota - Le Mans Team

Toyota will bring together four of its works Le Mans race cars at a single event for the first time at the 2014 Goodwood Festival of Speed in June. Charting the progress from the TS010 of early 1990s through to this season’s contender, the new TS040 Hybrid, which will be unveiled on 27 March, the gathering will provide a unique snapshot of how Toyota has consistently pushed the boundaries of race car design and technology. [Read more…]

SAA Cargo congratulates Toyota imperial

Pretoria — South African Airways Cargo (SAA Cargo) has congratulated Toyota Imperial for coming second in the Dakar Rally. “SAA Cargo congratulates Toyota Imperial SA team for their achievements during the Dakar Rally. The SAA family is on Toyota Imperial SA’s side and wishes them all the best in future races. They have certainly made […]

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BMW And Toyota Collaboration

Last week BMW and Toyota announced a joint development for a fuel cell sports car in extension of the research partnership of lithium ion batteries established last year. With this step, both companies are keeping their options wide open. While BMW has proactively been developing a hydrogen engine vehicle, Toyota’s interest would rest with designing […]

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SA ad for Toyota

The South African Toyota Hilux advert

The South African Toyota Hilux advert

Incredible to see what the South African advertising agencies are coming with by utilising gender stereo typing and role reversal to deliver a message regarding Toyota Hilux.

Toyota SA announces investment

Toyota South Africa

Toyota South Africa

Toyota South Africa on Monday announced a R363 million investment into a new parts distribution warehouse – the biggest of its kind on the continent. [Read more…]