Introducing The Longest Taxi Ride Ever

Departing on February 17th 2011 from the London’s Transport Museum in Covent Garden. Made possible by Performance Direct Insurance’s Non Standard Awards scheme, ‘It’s on the Meter’ is an attempt to break the World Record for the longest ever taxi journey.

London Black Cab

London Black Cab

‘It’s on the Meter’ will see a classic London Black Cab driven from London to Sydney, Australia, aiming to raise the cost of the £20,345 fare for the British Red Cross. Covering over 30,000 miles, the trip will take in 37 countries and take over eight months.

Starting out as a hair brained scheme dreamed up during a long (and expensive) taxi journey home, the ‘It’s on the Meter’ team of three friends, Leigh Purnell, Johno Ellison and Paul Archer have been planning the trip for three years.

Crossing Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, China, South Asia and Australia, the three will cross 36 borders and 10 time zones, battling freezing temperatures in the Arctic and searing heat in the Sahara. [Read more…]