My Bantam Bakkie

Just wanted to pay tribute to my faithful Bantam…

My Bantam Bakkie

My Bantam Bakkie

She notched 250 000 km the other day and has earned me many times her worth. I am in total awe of her performance these last 5 years. I could tell you a story or 10 of how I’ve had to ‘druk’ her and maybe, just maybe then you would understand the deep sense of pride I have for her. I spend mannnnnny hours in her daily & I am forced to work (‘druk’) her to the max all day…most days.

While I have been thru many sets of tyres and brakes, she does not leak a drop of oil and what she burns is negligible!! Amazing! Let me say – we are not talking open road mileage here, although that is part of it (& much easier on the motor etc). No, I subject her to 10 hours a day of intensive stop start stress around the city…often with a heavy load. In 5 years I have only had to replace the clutch & shocks once. The body & chassis have held together well. I have hardly spent a cent on engine repairs apart from regular services which I do myself every 20 000km.

She’s nippy & tight on the road and carries a load well. Ok, so if every cloud has a silver lining then surely the reverse is true. What’s the catch with the Ford Bantam? Aha…now you’re asking. I wish she was a rear-wheel drive. That’s the only thing I can crit her on – honest. Perfect in every other way for what I need her for, but hitch up a trailer & hit the dirt up a hill? Nu-uh! Not good…(that’s a story I’ll tell if you beg)

Ford – built tough – and loving it! Can’t wait to see how much I can squeeze out of her…500 000 maybe??

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